Atom cores are represented by the standard molymod® atom parts, and the atomic and molecular orbital parts by colour-coded, matt, or pastel-coloured pieces. Additional sets can be purchased separately if required.

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Atomic and molecular orbital Sets

There are three collection sets to cover this subject

Shapes of Molecules
Article Ref: MOS-902-8

Article Ref: MOS-902-8 Contains sufficient parts to make the eight atomic models shown. The different shapes are examples of the orientations of the bonds and cover coordination numbers 1 to 6.

Molecular Orbital Organic Structures Set
Article Ref: MOS-900-4

Contains sufficient parts to make the four organic molecular orbital models shown. The models show sigma- and pi-bonding orbitals, and the concept of hybridisation and delocalisation.

14 Model Collection Set
Article Ref: MOS-901-14

Contains sufficient parts to make the 14 easy-to-assemble atomic orbitals shown. Pear-shaped lobes represent the two wave phases of the p and d atomic orbitals. Each model comes with its own transparent base.

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