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Over 70 years Educating in Chemistry

Over 70 years Educating in Chemistry
Molymod molecular models, designed and invented by James Spiring, Industrial
Chemist, Chemistry Teacher, Fellow of the Chemical Society, Inventor and founder
of Spiring Enterprises Limited.

After graduating with a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Chemistry from the University of
London, James was employed by Joseph Lucas (Gas Turbine Equipment) Ltd as
a R&D Analytical Chemist working on Gas, Fuel and Metallurgical matters.

In 1952 he began his teaching career at Burnley Municipal College, teaching
Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, then to Clitheroe Grammar School in 1957 as
Chemistry Master. Finally in 1963 he was appointed Senior Chemistry Master at
Dorking County Grammar School.

In 1963 co-authored the chemistry textbook, “Foundations of Chemistry” published
by Macmillan.

James was also an inventor and he founded Spiring Enterprises Limited, for the
purpose of marketing and selling his inventions, which started with the popular
family board game Exploration, later licensed to Waddington’s.
The advancement of the understanding of chemistry was his real passion and at
his core, and eventually Spiring Enterprises Ltd became the home of molymod –
the unique dual-scale system of molecular models, designed and developed by

In 2007 he finally retired and handed over the day to day running of the business
to his two sons, William, a qualified engineer, and Philip, Chemistry Graduate and

What We Do - Made In Britain

At its site in Billingshurst West Sussex, Spiring Enterprises Limited concentrates
solely on the manufacture and sale of Molecular Model sets and kits marketed
under the brand, and registered trademark – molymod.

The company produces a range of sets and kits, for teachers and students at
Secondary School, College and University, that are designed for hands-on
learning, to assist in the study or teaching of molecular structures and chemical

reactions in chemistry, biochemistry and biology, and through its authorised
network of distributors exports to over 50 countries worldwide.

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