The Molymod® System – Atoms & Bond types

Scales: Open/Ball & Stick 2.5 cm per Angstrom
Closed/semi-space-filling 1.5 cm per Angstrom.

Atom-parts: Range from 17 mm to 23 mm diameter.

Valence: Represented by the number of holes: 1-hole (l); 2-hole (ll); 3-hole (lll); 4-
hole (lV); 5-hole (V); 6-hole (Vl).

The molymod® system - duel scale

Open & Compact


Bonds: Single bonds are represented by medium links (19 mm) and multiple bonds by longer, flexible links (30 mm).

For compact models, bonds are represented by short links (2 mm).

molymod® hydrogen types

Most molymod

sets contain the standard 17 mm 1-hole
ball atom type, which can be used in both open and
compact models.

The semi-space-filling range are supplied with the
‘mushroom’-style Atomlink™, which are used for compact

models only.

The MMS-050 and MMS-051 sets both come with the half-
sphere molydome™, which is approximately 19 mm in diameter. Both the ball-type and molydome™ can be used to make open or compact models.®

Important Notice:
The products contained on this web site, and in the Molymod range have been specifically designed as educational items, as a teaching or study aid for educational purposes only, and DO NOT have an intended play function, and are NOT Toys.
All the products contain small parts which may present a CHOKING HAZARD, and should at all times be kept away from children under 3 years of age.

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