Biochemistry Sets and Kits

The following biochemical self-assembly semi-space-filling kits that are available and featured on this page include : glucose; sucrose; starch, fat, polypeptide; protein beta-pleated sheet and alpha helix, however the following other kits are also available and include, saturated fat, mono and poly un-saturated fats; cholesterol, amino acids (7 and 20 model collection sets) and DNA.
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Collection of biochemistry Sets

Biochemistry (Teacher) Set
Article Ref: MMS-007

262 atoms Supplied in two large boxes

100 hydrogen atom-links, 10 hydrogen (ll), 68 carbon (ll, lll, lV), 40 oxygen (l, ll), 34 nitrogen (ll, lll, lV), 2 sulphur (ll), 6 phosphorus (lV), 2 metal (lV, Vl), Links: 150 non-vis colourless & 10 ‘V’-links

Biochemistry (Student) Set
Article Ref: MMS-010

72 atoms Supplied in one box

25 hydrogen (l,ll), 21 carbon (lll, lV), 13 oxygen (l, ll), 11 nitrogen (ll, lll, lV), 1 sulphur (ll), 1 phosphorus (lV) Links: 40 medium (grey) and 10 long flexible (grey)


Collection of biochemistry Kits

Fat (glyceryl tristearate): MKS-114
Glucose: MKS-115-2
Sucrose: MKS-116
Starch: MKS-118-3

Alpha helix - 15 peptides: MKS-121-15
Protein beta-pleated sheet: MKS-120-15
5-unit polypeptide chain: MKS-120-5

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