advanced miniDNA® and RNA kits

The advanced miniDNA® system comprises colour-coded, abstract-shaped parts designed to represent the nitrogenous bases, pentagonal sugar and pyramidal phosphate components needed to make a double-helix model of DNA. The three hydrogen bonds that connect Cytosine to Guanine and the two that connect Thymine to Adenine are represented by the appropriate number of pegs.

Two DNA kits are available to make either a 12-layer (1 turn) or 22-layer (2 turns) DNA model. The models can be displayed on their stands, or unzipped into a ladder form to demonstrate the process of Replication. A similar approach can be taken with the two RNA kits to model the process of Protein Synthesis known as Transcription.

DNA - DeoxyNucleic Acid

Advanced miniDNA® 12-layer Kit

Article Ref: AMDNA-060-12

Advanced miniDNA® 22-layer Kit

Article Ref: AMDNA-060-22

RNA - RiboNucleic Acid

12-base Protein Synthesis Kit

Article Ref: AMRNA-12 p.s.

24-base Protein Synthesis Kit

Article Ref: AMRNA-24 p.s.

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