Inorganic, self-assembly kits

Contain sufficient atom parts and links to build individual crystal structures, a selection of which are shown. The kits are supplied in cardboard boxes with full assembly instructions.
Models are of two kinds: Open, which use standard medium links to give extended structures, and Compact, that use short links to bring the atoms close together, forming a semi-space-filling type of model.

Inorganic Crystal

Self-assembly crystal structures


30 atom self-assembly kit Article Ref: MKO-100-30


45 atom self-assembly kit Article Ref: MKO-101-45

Buckminster fullerene

60 atom self-assembly kit Article Ref: MKO-102-60

Sodium chloride

Article Ref: MKO-127-27 (OPEN)

Ice 26 water units

Self-assembly kit Article Ref: MKO-123-26

Silicon Dioxide (diamond like structure)

Atom self-assembly kit Article Ref: MKS-137-66 66

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